Deed of Arms

Stan scores a thrust to Tom’s armpit

More information on the Armored Deed coming soon!  For those familiar with the Dekoven Concord ruleset, expect combats to take that form during Days of Knights.  The Deed is coordinated by the Days of Knights Martial Activities Coordinator, Tom Biliter.

Fighters participating in the Deed will do so at the pleasure of the designated Marshal.  They have final say on approval of any fighter and can eject any fighter from the lyst if unsafe practices are observed.  Orientation and safety briefings will be conducted before fighting begins each day.  Every participant should expect to attend one of these briefings before stepping into the lyst.  Because of the public nature of this living history event, fighting kits will appear more or less completely medieval.  As per the authenticity standards, some exceptions to strict authenticity are required for safety purposes.  We encourage knowledgeable participants to help interpret the action for public spectators and explain techniques during pauses in the fight.  Armors should roughly be representative of the years 1360-1550.  Armor will be inspected by the marshal prior to taking the field to ensure safe compliance with standards. Expected weapons will be dagger, sword, spear and pollaxe.