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Knights 16

Join us in Frankfort, KY in 2016

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Days of KnightsA Medieval Experience will be a historically accurate re-creation of several time periods from the era known as the Middle Ages.  Visitors will be able to walk through a time-line encampment featuring living history enthusiasts re-creating the Norman invaders of Britain in 1066, crusaders from the 1200s, archers and knights from the 100 Years War, and many others.


Students and teachers will find Days of Knights especially appealing.  Historical accuracy will be stressed.  This will not be a renaissance fair – no wizards, no fantasy fiction characters, and no pirates.  

Kids in armor
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Visitors will be able to learn about many aspects of medieval life, including the roles of women and religion in society, from knowledgeable speakers and demonstrators. Costumes and armor will be as accurately reproduced as the wearers can make them.  But make no mistake – it will be fun for spectators and participants alike! 

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